Jul 17 2013
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Fabulous unit with amazing views of the downtown skyline! Beautiful oak hardwood flooring, granite counters & open! Grand, desirable, historic building.  24-hour concierge.


Jul 17 2013


Take a peek inside River Oak's oldest home...

Be honest, we’ve all driven past some of these stately, picturesque, mansions from another era and wondered what they look like inside. Well, here is your chance to take a peek.


River Oaks Mansion

Jul 16 2013

Givin’ and grubbin’ …..

Itttt’s baaack! Time to break that “no eating out” pledge for a good cause! It’s the 11th year of Houston’s Restaurant Week (which is actually a month, but ummm, are YOU complaining!??!). This spectacular annual event of diverse, highly rated dining experiences helps all those involved: it’s a great chance to try new restaurants at a great cost & all money raised go to the Houston Food Bank. Win…win!!  Your soul & your stomach will both be full after a dining experience at some of the nearly 200 Houston area eateries.

Last years HRW raised over $1.2 million!!! That’s a lot of awesomeness going to help Houstonians in need! Here is a standing ovation to you Houston. Bravo! That being said, this year, let’s beat that mark. We can do it!

Restaurant week starts 8/1 and goes through 9/2. Check out the special lunch, brunch and dinner menus ranging from $20 to $45 here.

Jul 16 2013


The Renaissance Tempest: Bring Uber to Space City!

Here is a post from a good friend of mine, & fellow blogger, who tells us Houstonians bout a great new service for a “private car service with endless possibilities and not at typical, steep private car service rates”. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool. I would rather ride in style to the bar, than some uncool, musty, “eeeww, what did I just sit in!?” taxi! So, check out this article & then check out Uber. If you think that this sounds a-maz-ing too, then sign this petition here!

Jul 15 2013

For boring Monday nights….

If you’re like me, Monday is kind of a day that ticks you off! You’re already mad the weekend is over, you have to go back to work, talk to that annoying co-worker, hear your boss ask for that TPS 1 report again and deal with gridlocked Houston traffic. Well, I am here to help my fellow Houstonians out! Don’t sit in traffic, banging on your steering wheel, yelling at the “%$#@ idiot!!” in front of you as you try to make your way back home. Instead, relax, help out your stomach, pocket book & attitude by checking out the BRC Gastropub Monday happy hour. Trust me, you will not regret it. These guys make the most awesome, delicious, mouth watering, messy & delicious (yeah, I said “delicious” twice!) burgers. Then wash those bad boys down with some much needed alcoholic refreshments aka. BEER!

Ummm, you’re welcome Houston! Don’t say I never did anything for you.

ps. Don’t you wish I would have posted this on Sunday? I know, I’m a jerk.



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